Cigar Art Poster by New Orleans Artist MOUSIE

Ever since being rescued from Hurricane Katrina, "Cigar Girl" has been languidly lounging on her pillows and Persian rugs. If she pulls that tassled rope, someone shows up to bring her more bon bons and Champagne, but what she really wants is for you to write and say that you want her!

From an original graphite and watercolor painting 
by New Orleans artist MOUSIE.

Not very many "Cigar Girl" Prints Survived Katrina

"Cigar Girl,"22 X 29"
A four color print plus dense black, metallic gold, and
pearled varnish.
The "Cigar Girl" Print was sent through the presses 5 times in order to create it's unique look. The black areas alone have three layers of ink in order to create such a dense, solid black.

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 250 Prints-
$400.00 ea

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Is the CIGAR a fad? A fashion accessory? A phallic symbol?
To the cigar connoisseur:

"Sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar" 
 - Sigmund Freud  

Signed and Numbered Edition of only 250 "Cigar Girl" Prints  

$400.00 + $9 Shipping, Handling and Insurance Total $409.00  


One of only 30 Artist Proofs Hand Embellished by the artist with Holographic and Glow in the Dark Glitters  

$800.00 + $25 Shipping, Handling and Insurance Total $825.00  




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  "Cigar Girl" Up Close






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